Friday, June 29, 2007

"New Rules, Polite Musings from a Timid Observer" by Bill Maher

Okay first of all, the rules are not new because the book was published in 2005. This makes some of the issues dated but for the most part many of Bill Maher's "polite musings" are right on the number. Now with that in mind some of this book is just not funny. It's sad to say that it seems Mr. Maher is funnier when he's talking than writing. But this book has enough fun parts that it makes up for the bad.

I will warn you that most of the book is taking jabs at the Bush administration and Republicans in general. I, being a complete independent when it comes to politics, didn't take offense but I will tell you some of it just got to tiring to read. Another that seems to be in the sights of Bill Maher's rules are the media and celebrities. Now these I found myself agreeing with 100%. I really think the media is no longer media but entertainment and spends way too much time on celebrities. So when he would jab at these topics I was right behind him saying, "Yeah, you tell 'em, Bill."

One example of some of the hit or miss rules is the "Face Reality" rule:

"Stop being shocked when reality TV contestants [notice he doesn't say stars] turn out to be wife beaters, drug addicts, shoplifters and porn stars. They're letting us marry them to strangers and make them eat eel shit. They don't have the gene for shame---that's why they're on reality shows."

See that one I can stand behind, but didn't find it funny, I expected more funny.

One that I thought was funny and made a point was the "Bulletin Bored" rule:

"We don't need a FOX 'News Alert' every time something explodes in Iraq. It's a war -- breaking news would be when stuff stops blowing up. Until then, we'll assume Baghdad is jus tlike Lindsay Lohan -- getting bombed daily."

So while this book has it's funny moments it also has some lame moments. My advice just watch Bill Maher live and that'll be enough. Also the "Polite musings from a Timid Observer" section of the title of the book is very misleading, these musings are not polite nor is he timid in his observations. One final point... the book is a very fast is written in small blurbs, so it could be a nice bathroom reader.

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