Tuesday, July 24, 2007

"Fool Moon: The Dresden Files Book 2" by Jim Butcher

So If you are wondering whether the wizard by the name of Harry is alive or dead, I can tell you there are at least 8 more in the series to go and well he is the subject. But let me tell you this one is close...It seems as though the common chapter opening in this book is "I woke up." just after a life threatening event. Oh by the way this is the wizard Harry Dresden, not the other Harry, I haven't read that book yet. I'm in line after 2 of my kids...so I'm reading another wizard Harry's series. And of course this one is geared more for the adults anyway.

Okay, this is only book 2 in the series, but oh my gosh, the action is intense. In "Fool Moon" Harry Dresden is up against werewolves. But the late show werewolves aren't quite the way Harry's werewolves are. For one thing there is more than one kind of werewolf, as Harry finds out, there are: hexenwolves, lycanthropes and loup garou. (The book explains the difference!) The loup garou is the nastiest beast of them all and in this book Harry goes up against all the types found in the book. (Actually no book just Harry's spirit computer, Bob.)

The events in "Fool Moon" take place 6 months after book one and well it's not the best of all situations for Lt. Karrin Murphy. After the events in the first book Murphy is under investigation by Internal Affairs. They believe she may be in cahoots with mobster, Johnny Marconi. After all how do you explain a dark wizard blowing people's hearts out of their chests, other than magic. Anyhow there seems to be a series of murders during the days of the full moon for the past 2 months. Harry is not called in until the 2nd month and after one of Marconi's bodyguards is the victim. Harry does confirm that it is werewolves, but can't offer too much else, he didn't pay attention much during that part of his training. Also the crime scene is immediately interfered with by FBI agents, led by Agent Denton, and Denton is quick to inform Murphy she is out of her jurisdiction and that she shouldn't be bringing Harry in on this.
Harry and Murphy are followed as they leave the crime scene as Murphy drops him off at his home. Harry does a spell to track the owner of the blood found on the crime scene only to be led to a seedy part of Chicago by the University where he finds a "gang" of college kids arguing. Their leader, Tara, then comes in and says they are being watched. A chase goes on and Harry is attacked, but only slightly by a wolf, before finding Murphy outside, she had followed the car that followed them.

After consulting with Bob, the spirit assistant to Harry, Harry finds out enough about werewolves to scare him. To scare a wizard takes a lot. Harry then brings his information to Murphy, but she is being question by I.A. and Agent Denton offers to take the report in to her. After Harry leaves one of the other FBI agents approaches him and asks, "Are you for real?" After Harry tells his standard answer of hire me and find out. The agent gives Harry a lead. This lead is a group of lycanthropes. Well then Johnny Marconi gives Harry another lead and this points to a loup garou. Without giving too much away a group of hexenwolves are also involved...but you may be surprised as to where.

Besides the edge-of-your-seat-staying-up-all-night-because-you-can't-put-the-book-down action, the book also delves into some heavier subject matter. The big one is the issue of trust. Lots of questions of who to trust from Harry trying to find out who's who and from Lt. Murphy as to whether Harry is on the up and up about helping the police.

After all that is said and done...this is simply a great fun read.

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