Thursday, September 27, 2007

"Abducted to Oz" By Bob Evans and Chris Dulabone

With the legacy of Oz originating from L. Frank Baum, and continuing through many authors since, It doesn't seem be dying out too soon. Bob Evans and Chris Dulabone are proof of that especially with this book "Abducted to Oz." "Abducted..." takes the Oz stories and brings them to today's times. While most of the Oz stories take place around the early 1900s this one takes place around the time the book was published, 2000.

The story is that Graham is minding his own business, preparing for an evening of algebra homework, when a wicked witch reaches out of his mirror and pulls him into Oz. This witch however is the witch from the movie and not the one actually created by L. Frank Baum. (movies always change the books some way) Where did this witch come from? Well it seems as though Dorothy was visiting Oz on the anniversary of the event in which she "destroyed" the wicked witch, Allidep. And through an unfortunate accident in magic and mayhem a float representing the witch came to life.

Graham escapes the witch and then travels toward the Emerald City, encountering an alien presence along the way, and taking on a traveling partner named Telly. Telly is a robotic-looking creature with a television set for a head. Among the Ozites that are encountered in this book are the Cowardly Lion, the Woozy, and a beautiful unicorn named Jeanne-Marie, whose story is sure to touch your heart.

This book has some great moments that reflect the true quality of any Oz book. It also throws in some references to modern pop culture to keep it up to date.

The book has a limited availability so here is a link as a free download:

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