Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Take on Peyton Manning

Last year's Superbowl was perfectly awesome for us living in the midwest, Especially for us living in Central Illinois. Really, being a resident of Illinois, you pretty much have to root for da Bears, and then in my hometown, which is only a 2 hour drive from Indianapolis, you've got your Colts fans.
Keep in mind, I'm not really a sports fan, but I can have fun.

During the Superbowl party I attended I was pretending to be a Bears fan just to annoy the Colts fans in attendance, when in actuality, I just thought it was cool to have 2 Midwest teams playing.

Okay what does this have to do with now? Well I found this website, that is a must visit for all sports fans (regardless of your team affiliation). It's mannings mind. com This site is perfect for sitting at work with idle time, or anytime you feel like showing off your smarts, and you want to challenge Peyton Manning. It gives fans the chance to match wits with one of the fastest brains in football via an online quiz game. The site lets fans test their NFL knowledge and the speed of that knowledge against Peyton Manning. Mano a mano. Armchair quarterback vs. champion quarterback. Every second counts as you try to answer each question correctly and march your team downfield, complete with hologram players running across an illuminated game table. Manning is “alive” across the illuminated game table, jeering and interacting with opponents who dare to take him on.

You answer trivia questions such as: “Jason Elam's 63-yarder tied who's career record? Tom Dempsey, Mark Moseley, Wade Tollison” If you don't answer in time you'll get responses back such as: “You're going to have to be faster than that,” followed with a written message saying: “Take on the fastest brain in football.” Other responses include for correct answers, “Not bad for a rookie, I'll be waiting for you,” or for a wrong response, “That would be right if it wasn't so wrong.” Other messaging included in textual form include, “As soon as he thinks it, you see it.”

Forget about fantasy football, this site includes a standings page, rules page and players can send challenges to their friends.

Here's a youtube video for the tv spot:

Check it out:

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