Wednesday, August 18, 2010

"The Ghost Hunter's Field Guide" by Margie Kay

"The Ghost Hunter's Field Guide"
by Margie Kay
Published 2010 by 7th Planet
204 pages

With the emerging world of digital technology, especially audio and video, it seems that ghost hunting is the thing to do. You see it all over cable television and for years many communities have some sort of paranormal society or ghost hunters. If you think you may want to take up the night vision goggles and camera and find your own phantasm, this may be the book for you.

Margie Kay has put together a handbook for the professional or amateur ghost hunter with a personal touch. Through her years of ghost hunting (33 or so to give you an idea) Margie has had her share of experiences in the paranormal. She is a trained psychic and paranormal investigator and has been instrumental in solving over 30 missing persons cases, numerous homicides and thefts using her unique clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, and remote viewing abilities, which she has honed over the years with amazing results. She has amazed investigators and law enforcement with her abilities and accuracy, in some cases getting names, addresses, streets, and license plates as well as descriptions of victims and perpetrators. And she still finds time to hunt ghosts.

In this book she not only gives a great checklist of the items to take on your next paranormal adventure, but she even provides hints on how to acquire some items, even when budgets are tight. Such as some children's toys that could be helpful, or even checking out eBay for some good deals.

Margie uses her experiences to tell the reader how to handle different situations and what to expect in many situations. Through the book are stories of how many of her haunted experiences have gone, from her team being called in to investigate dark shadowy figures haunting a house to what could be recorded impressions from past events while setting up shop in historical downtown Independence, Missouri.

Not only did this book provide nice how to information but also what to do to invite the spirits to "show" themselves. Many of the television shows about ghost hunters approach with a view to try to debunk the hauntings first, kind of like a scientific approach. Margie uses that but also throws in the mix a spiritual/psychic level to the experience so that maybe all that cannot be explained can be observed in a reasonable light. While the information was very nice, I have to admit reading the various experiences she talks about was some fun reading that sometimes, I had to make sure the room from where I was reading was well lit.

Margie closes out the book with an extensive list of haunted sites you can visit and do your own phantasmagorical research. In this list she provides contact info as well as whether or not the sites are open to public or if you have to call in advance to arrange private sessions.

There are also listings of Radio/TV ghost hunting broadcasts that you can tune in and get hints.

So, whether you are a professional Ghost Hunter, hobbyist, or simply curious this book would be the perfect handbook, to keep in your bag of tricks.

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