Thursday, September 23, 2010

"Transcendence Part 1 of 3" Book 6 of "The Demon Wars" Saga by R. A. Salvatore

"Transcendence Part 1 of 3"
Book 6 of "The Demon Wars" Saga
by R. A. Salvatore
Multicast Performance
Produced by GraphicAudio
Approx 6 hours.

Here I go starting on book six of the seven volumes that make up "The Demon Wars Saga" by R. A. Salvatore. This book is called "Transcendence," and tells the story of the second Ranger trained at the same time as Adryan Wyndon, who became King of Honce the Bear in the last book. Brynn Dharielle, was rescued by the elves of Touel'alfar after her parents were murdered by the Behrenese. The Behrenese have been enslaving Brynn's race, the To-Gai, and her purpose as a Ranger is to free her people and start a revolution.

This book begins as Brynn and Belli'mar Juraviel, elven trainer of the rangers, begin their journey south from Andur'Blough Inninness, the elves' home, to the lands of Behren. Along the way they must cross the mountains called The Belt and Buckle. Traveling through the mountains Belli'mar and Brynn are attacked by zombies. The zombies are found to be under the control of the legendary Doc'alfar, the Dark elves. The Doc'alfar are amazed to see Belli'mar, or any member of the Touel'alfar, the split between the two occurred hundreds of years in the past and the each elven branch believed the other perished. Belli'mar convinces the king of the Doc'alfar that Brynn is not a typical human and that they both should be allowed to live.

The Doc'elfar know of a secret passage under the mountains and send a guide with Belli'mar and Brynn. The passage is not safe as is found to be true by the scattering of bones, abandoned villages of powries (dwarves) and a Dragon. This is when the this book really gets exciting as Belli'mar, Brynn and their Doc'elfar guide must battle for their lives as the dragon attacks. Brynn finds the remains of the last To-Gai ranger trained by the elves, and realizes she will be the first to survive, if she can survive. Taking the sword of the dead ranger and a few shield like armaments Brynn does manage to survive and arrives in a To-Gai village run by the Behrenese. As for the elves, it is not known.

GraphicAudio delivers this story with the excellent production they use in all their releases. The acting is simply the best. The voice actors not only portray the different characters but implement various accents and vocal qualities that allow the listener to listen to this "Movie in Your Mind." The sound effects and incidental music create the perfect auditory cinematic experience, creating the best experience you may ever have in audio books.

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