Saturday, December 11, 2010

"Tomb of the Ten Thousand Dead" by L. Ron Hubbard

"Tomb of the Ten Thousand Dead"
by L. Ron Hubbard
Multi-cast performance
produced by Galaxy Audio
approx 2 hours

It's time once again to go on a far flung adventure with L. Ron Hubbard and stories from the Golden Age. In the middle of the 20th century Hubbard wrote numerous stories that were published in the various pulp fiction magazines of the time. He wrote science-fiction, fantasy, westerns, war stories and sea & air adventures, and adventures from afar. This time around Galaxy Audio/Galaxy Press have put together their own Hubbard pulp fiction/audio pulp fiction that covers the world from the Arabian sea to Russia to the West Indies.

As with any well written story these stories will sweep you away and take you to these lands and leave you on the edge of your seat the whole way. This is especially true if you give the audiobooks a listen. The audiobooks are produced with excellent voice acting consisting of a great cast of voices, great sound effects that will create the theatre of the mind that was well known to those that listened to the old radio shows that used to be broadcast around the same time these stories were originally published, and the incidental music really gives you a feeling that you are on these journeys around the world.

This publishing contains three short stories;

"Tomb of the Ten Thousand Dead," originally published in October, 1936 tells of a search for the lost treasures of Baluchistan, an arid mountain region now part of Pakistan bordering the Arabian Sea, which leads to an ancient tomb, murder, and the obliteration of an entire expedition. Told in the first person by the pilot of the expedition, Captain Gordon, the only man to escape alive.

Gordon is hired to fly a team of American anthropologists to the area and all goes well until an ancient map is discovered in an old pottery jar, revealing the site of a vast treasure that Alexander the Great was bringing to Greece from his conquest of India. At this point Gordon is discovered over the body of one of the anthropologists who has just been murdered. Gordon is not trusted by the leaders of the expedition and is forced to stay behind with the local guide while the rest follow the map. Gordon and the guide find the tomb where more than 10,000 of Alexander's soldiers and camp followers lay buried in the high desert plains along with the loot of India—hidden in a tomb never to be reclaimed. Gordon must then fight for his life to escape with or without the treasure.

"The Price of a Hat," originally published March, 1936 tells of a A fur hat, a Kubanka, with a secret message stitched into its hatband costs the lives of six men in a belated effort to save the lives of Nicholas II, the last Russian Czar, and his family.

"Starch and Stripes," originally published January, 1936 is a story that has a bit of humor at the expense of the Marine Corps brass. A marine captain is trying to ensnare a dangerous rebel leader, but just when the Marines are closing in on the villain, top brass and U.S. senators decide to inspect the base and decide on future funding for the marines.

Some great adventures to be had in this release from Galaxy Press.

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