Tuesday, February 15, 2011

"Hurricane" by L. Ron Hubbard

by L. Ron Hubbard
Multicast Performance
Produced by Galaxy Audio
Approx 2 hours

It's time to go on another far flung adventure with a classic story from the Golden Age of stories by L. Ron Hubbard. Once again I listened to another audiobook release from Galaxy Audio, where they are re-releasing Hubbard's pulp-fiction stories from the mid-20th century. This time around we have a far flung adventure that is full of excitement and trills. This story was originally published in "Five Novels Monthly" in June of 1936 and is a timeless adventure.

Captain Spar was wrongly accused of a crime and sent to Devil's Island penal colony. He was framed by a man called The Saint, when Spar escapes from the island prison he vows to seek revenge on the man who sent him there. Spar arrives on Martinique to exact that revenge but gets tricked by a man named Chaktar. Spar is sent to deliver a package but soon learns he was set up and must either kill the two men sent after him or be killed. Chaktar finds Spar over the bodies and makes a deal that Spar assist him in framing the son of the local millionaire. Spar then tells that the son, in a drunken stupor is the one responsible for killing the men, and being an well known drunkard the son doesn't recall either way. Fearing prison the father sends his son off and since Spar is the only mariner on the island gets trapped into taking the son and some of the family to New York.

On the voyage to the states a hurricane begins to blow and in order to seek shelter Spar is forced by one of the island's Counts to anchor off an island called Hurricane Hill. Here the count has a cabin where they can safely shelter from the storm. It turns out that the cabin is a castle on the island where screams of torture can be heard and the count is not who he says he is. Spar must now rescue the family and escape Hurricane Hill.

Once again Hubbard has written an exciting adventure that is part high-seas and part island drama. It's stories like this one that makes me glad these audiobooks are only about two hours in length, I don't think my body could handle any more adrenaline pumping into my system than what these two hours pumped in.

As usual the excitement is made even more thrilling through the superb production Galaxy Audio puts behind these audiobooks. Excellent voice acting, sound effects that keep the story thrilling, and incidental music that makes you feel as though you are in an old time radio drama. I highly recommend checking out these audiobooks they are just too fun.

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