Friday, November 05, 2010

"The Art of Zombie Warfare; How to Kick Ass Like the Walking Dead" by Scott Kenemore Illustrations by Adam Wallenta

"The Art of Zombie Warfare; How to Kick Ass Like the Walking Dead"
by Scott Kenemore
Illustrations by Adam Wallenta
published 2010 by Skyhorse Publising, Inc.
266 pgs.

It all started out as a great promotion on the radio station I work for (WAKO radio in Illinois), I would interview some authors and have a pre-Halloween party. I found Scott Kenemore's series of Zombie books and thought, next to George Romero, here may be an authority on zombies. After several LOLs and needing stitches for my side I decided not only does Scott Kenemore know his zombies but he knows some history as well.

"The Art of Zombie Warfare" is a funny book about how you can not only fight like a zombie but how to raise your own zombie army and become a zombie general. So at this point you may be asking, why fight like a zombie? I think this section of the book best explains why.

If cut off from communications with HQ:
--Conventional soldiers will hold position and attempt to reestablish lines of communication
--Zombie soldiers will hunt and kill the enemy.

If caused to encounter unforseen obstacles, natural disasters, or confusing signs from the enemy:
--Conventional soldiers will wait for word from senior command on how they ought to proceed in light of this new development.
--Zombie soldiers will hunt and kill the enemy.

If faced with an overwhelming foe they cannot possibly hope to defeat themselves:
--Conventional soldiers will call for reinforcements, request an air strike, or just run away.
--Zombie soldiers will hunt and kill the enemy.

See a pattern here?

Scott goes further to explain how throughout all history ,mainly through movies and books, that zombies are the best fighting machine ever. He does this with the best tongue in cheek humor that while it may appear from the cover you are reading a horror book, but in reality you will find yourself laughing out loud several times while reading. Not only are there some funny parts throughout the book but Scott also makes references to all zombie movies ever made, from Dawn of the Dead to Return of the Living Dead to Army of Darkness and all the ones in between.

The first half of the book fully explains how to fight like a zombie and the virtues of fighting like a zombie while the second half describes how to become a zombie general. This is an important part, because, well basically because zombies can't be led. So how do you lead the unleadable? Scott explains that it's not leading because you may get in the way, but that you are there to take credit and rule the world. Whether it's storming a castle, encroaching on visiting early 19th century missionaries ona small island off the Haitian coast, or taking over the local shopping mall, the zombies will win.

Scott Kenemore even discusses historical figures that fought like zombies. People such as Civil War General Ambrose Burnside, 2nd Century Chinese zombie commander Sima Yi, and the Nazis.

So if you are looking for a fun romp through Zombie land, check out Scott Kenemore's "The Art of Zombie Warfare," the most fun you'll ever have with the undead.

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