Friday, February 10, 2012

More about building a studio.

Here's a pic of the beginnings of the True Hideaway Studio.

This is going to be our work station area.  We'll be using Adobe Audition and ProTools for the software for our multi-track production.  The wall behind the computer monitor is the wall that separates the workstation from the studio proper.  We will be cutting a hole in that wall and placing a window so we can see the musicians or voice performers.

Right now we are equipped with some awesome mics from Blu-mic  We have a Yeti-Pro which will provide some awesome stereo recordings and a Snowball for when we don't need the actual studio and just run directly into the computer.  Also we'll be using an Audio-Technica AT4040 for some use, a Shure 55SH (yep, the "Elvis Mic."  and various others as needed.

We are using simple PAs as some of our input (Behringer EPA 150 & Yamaha StagePas300) since most of our tracking and mastering will be done using the software this cuts down on the space taken up by a mixing board.  I have recorded a couple of local bands using this same equipment (which I would drag to their rehearsal space) and have come up with some really nice recordings.

Keep coming back we'll have more as it gets built and stocked.

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