Wednesday, February 08, 2012

True Hideaway the Store and the Studio

Well Here we go. As you know from my previous post this blog will be about recording and the new studio True Hideaway studios.  Well first we have to get our store running...that's right STORE.  My friend Shawn has started a Nerd Store...TrueHideaway Family & Gaming.  The store centers around Magic; the Trading Card Game.  We also sell comics and collectibles.  Books, games, and all things Nerdy

These pics show my side of the store where I'm liquidating my collection of comics, action figures and various other nerdy items.

These last two pics are of the service counter and up above you'll see some of my rare and high value comics.  Some of the high value comics include: The "KISS, Marvel Super Specials" from the '70s.  The first one has blood from each member of the band mixed with the red ink.  These were my prize possessions but now I want to build the studio so they must go.  I also have several signed issues of Spider-man, some limited prints and even some old issues of "Howard the Duck."
So If you happen to be near Robinson, Il stop in.  We are located @ 105 N. Court, on the west side of the square.

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