Friday, May 06, 2005

Runaway Bride

Okay, I am really peeved right now.
What the hell is up with all this coverage of the "Runaway Bride"
I mean really isn't there any news to cover? Don't we have people dying in Iraq or something?

I understand when she was "missing" the coverage was great to track down a missing person. For once the media did a great job and wow, all involved found her.

But at first CNN and Fox news were treating this as though it were the next "Scott Peterson" story. I mean come on...let the police jump to conclusions... not the media. I thought the media's job was to report not influence or find guilty until proven innocent.

Then once she was "found" the media still covers this as a "Runaway Bride with cold feet" story. I mean jeez leave those folks alone. She had some fears and couldn't cope and left, well she's back home trying to deal with those fears appropriately. My recommendation to all media, in regards to this story:

But see now the problem will be let's go back to the Michael Jackson trial.
There's another problem I have....WHO THE HELL CARES about celebrities.
They entertain, they perform art job done end of story. Leave them alone.
Paparazzi have got to be the purest form of evil known. I mean really, these folks force stories on us about Celebs and provide the idiotic pictures to go with them. Not only that but they hound the celebs in the process taking away any chance of privacy.

As for the Michael Jackson circus, er..I mean trial, well let the legal system do it's job.
When he's found guilty report that. No one really cares what color the prince of pop wore on his jacket during day 3 of the trial.

20 years ago we would not be seeing this trial drawn out like it is now with all the 24 hour cable networks needing to fill in the full 24 hours. It makes you wonder do we really need 24 hour news? Look at what is served.

Oh wait, side note, 20 years ago Michael was still black and would have gotten a speedy trial...I'm not saying it would be fair or just.

Anyhow 24 hour news....not needed, but yes to a channel on stand by in case the revolution happens at midnight. Unfortunately in today's day and age it looks like Gil Scott Heron was wrong....THE REVOLUTION WILL BE TELEVISED...but we won't get the story as it unfolds...they'll break for he next a celebrity trial or a runaway bride or what Paris Hilton is doing now.

Okay let's look at it this way:

If the media would have spent half as much time as they have on the "Runaway Bride" story on the "Precious Doe" unknown murdered 7 year old girl in Kansas City story. We would have had that case solved in less than the 4+ years it took.

Now by no means am I saying anything negative about the police departments working on Precious Doe, they worked their asses off and then some to find the murderer in this heinous crime.

All I'm saying is that the media could have spent that air time with pictures and running around the country interviewing every person who lived in the area until the pressure built to make someone to confess earlier.

Here is my final thought.
One in which the folks it's directed at will never get it.


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