Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Just thought this was a funny picture.

Here's one for all you golfers out there.

In the mean time, let me tell you about my weekend.

Well, the remnants of hurricane/tropical storm Arlene came through Illinois and left us with about 3 inches of rain...some lowland flooding...but mainly just wet.

Isaac wanted to go out and would not take no for an answer...now I never gave him the old excuse our parents gave us...you'll catch your death of cold. In fact I did catch myself almost saying that. Yes I know, rain and colds really don't have anything in common, in fact your body getting cold doesn't have anything to do with colds. Unless you were fighting an infection of some sort already but being in the rain doesn't directly cause colds or pneumonia.

So anyway i told him his clothes would get wet and he would have to change them...knowing how much he hates to change clothes...well next thing you know, he has a towel over his head. It's funny because he's just playing with the warm towel fresh out of the dryer...and you can see the thought process in his head and when the light clicks on...and then he's slowly walking towards the door with the towel over his head. (sneaking i think) He then makes his way across our yard to his tree....He has a tree in the yard that he climbs CONSTANTLY.

On the way the towel gets soaked and so as he gets to the protective canopy of the tree...he drops the towel...good idea but short lived. His sister then "rescues" him by bringing out an umbrella...and they both proceed to sit in lawn chairs in the rain under an umbrella.

Can you tell me what answer I could give to "Why can't I play in the rain?"

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