Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Book Review "The Bad Place" By Dean Koontz and more

Okay I said after reading "Velocity" I would give Mr. Koontz another chance. (In case you missed it: Velocity is a let down.)

Anyhow I went back to an older book by him "The Bad Place" This is some good stuff. It's got teleporting brothers, hermaphrodites, anti-hermaphrodites, psychic Downs-syndrome patients, erotic twins that invade the minds of animals, someone who can blow up inanimate objects with their hands, serial killers who drink blood and a husband and wife detective agency.

Now I know Stephen King wrote about a psychic Downs-syndrome patient in the book "Dreamcatcher" and I forget which Clive Barker book had a serial killing hermaphrodite, but Koontz blends them all.

Dakota and Dakota detective agency take on the case of a man that can't remember anything about himself other than his name and that when he goes to sleep he wakes up with bags of cash, rare red diamonds and a bug that is genetically engineered. The case becomes more mysterious when it is observed that their client, Frank Pollard, teleports in his sleep...but doesn't seem to be putting himself back together the right way.

Now this book has velocity. Not only did I stay interested and couldn't put it down, but it had a twist and turn every 5 minutes. (or should that be 5 pages). Plus Mr. Koontz created characters that in the totally unreal setting seemed real. My favorite is the employee of Dakota and Dakota, Clint. He's rugged and has a hidden since of humor. I could see Vin Diesel playing him in the movie. Not too bad of a book. If you like adventure and the paranormal this is your book.

Okay that was short...but I didn't want to give away any of the twists / turns or the end.

Here are the books I'm reading now:

"Bushwhacked" by Molly Ivins & Lou Dubose (As if I weren't pissed of at the gubmint enough)

"The Accidental" by Ali Smith (Should be interesting)

"Angels and Demons" by Dan Brown ( I loved "The DaVinci Code" it was a great adventure I had to go and read an earlier Dan Brown book.)

As soon as I finish each book I will post a review. And I promise that the review will be longer. It's just so hard to review a book without giving away the mysteries :)

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