Thursday, August 31, 2006

Book Review: "No One Here Gets Out Alive" by Danny Sugarman & Jerry Hopkins.

Book Review: "No One Here Gets Out Alive" by Danny Sugarman & Jerry Hopkins.

For many people the 60's died in 1971 with the final death in the "Holy Trinity of Rock," Jim Morrison. The other 2 being Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix who died the year prior. In fact after Janis's death Jim was known to say "You are with number 3."

The times were wild and experimental to say the least and Jim Morrison was one of the most experimental. Calling himself more of a poet than a rock star Jim Morrison would create social experiments at each of the Door's concerts. The book, "No One Here Gets Out Alive" by Danny Sugarman & Jerry Hopkins, chronicles the life of Jim Morrison as seen through the eyes of Danny Sugarman and Jerry Hopkins. As far as biographies go, there is nothing really revealing in this one. Jim Morrison's life remains a mystery even after reading this book. I think what the authors tried to do with this book is to immortalize Morrison by making him some sort of god, maybe a Dionysus of the 60s. The book is full of anecdotes that just perpetuate that myth. Nothing about the man himself or what made him create what he did.

Even when they talk about the death of Morrison they perpetuate the myth by giving several possibilities of how Morrison died or even that he may still be alive. Maybe a little resurrection story going on here?

So, if you are looking for an interesting chronicle with no substance this is the book to check out the book. What it lacks in real substance, it does give the reader a nice brief history of The Doors and Jim Morrison.
If you are looking for a GOOD biography of Jim Morrison, one that has some substance and emotion, a better read would be "Light My Fire, My Life with the Doors" by Ray Manzarek. Now that's a good informative and emotional book.

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