Thursday, August 24, 2006

Review: "A Series of Unfortunate Events,Book the Second: The Reptile Room" by Lemony Snicket.

Lemony Snicket got better. This second book in the 13 book series seems to be a lot funnier than the first. I guess with the first book he had some introductions and got those out of the way. Now, I do have the advantage of reading these books one after another and have that advantage of fresh knowledge of the previous book, but I'm taking a short break away from the series after this one. I just have some other books to get to.

Anyhow, back to the Reptile Room. Here we find the Baudelaire children or rather Baudelaire orphans being shuffled off to their next next-of-kin. This "uncle" is a herpetologist (studies snakes) and is a fun character. Too bad he gets killed off. Oh, come on now, I didn't give anything away. In fact all throughout the first part of the book the author is telling us that "uncle" Montgomery Montgomery will not live. So now that you have that oh-my-gawd-he-spoiled-the-ending look off your face, let's talk about the book.

Mr. Snicket, or as we learned in the first review Mr. Handler, continues with his defining of words that are not used in normal speech or that may be advanced vocabulary, but this time around he has a lot more humor in the definitions. Because of this fact alone this book was alot more fun to read. Another fun part of the read is the section when he talks about morals in stories, like the boy who cried wolf or little red riding hood. He comes up with the morals of those stories (something I deduced when I was 10 years old) is don't live near wolves. I laughed out loud and had to look around and make sure someone wasn't looking at me.

This book was filled with fun moments like the names of many of the snakes. My favorite was the Virginia Wolf-snake, which you should never, under any circumstance, let near a typewriter. Now with all the fun for the reader keep in mind the Baudelaire orphans still don't have anything good going for them, at least not for too long. "Uncle" Monty's assistant has mysteriously quit and disappeared so he gets a new assistant. Well the orphans and the reader know immediately it's Count Olaf. Yes, he's back to steal the Baudelaire fortune. I won't tell you what happens, other than "uncle" Monty dies. But I will give you a hint: This is only book 2 of a 13 book series.

Happy reading.

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