Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Review "Angels & Demons" by Dan Brown.

I decided to go back and read an earlier book by Dan Brown after Reading "The DaVinci Code." And Mr. Brown did not let me down. (Hmmm, maybe I should write poetry.)

Anyhow if you've read "The DaVinci Code" or even saw the movie,(after all there were millions of you)then you know of the treasure hunting adventure Robert Langdon is capable of leading. "Angels & Demons" is no exception.

In this earlier story of Robert Langdon, we go on a great tour of Rome, especially Vatican City. But before that we find out that a top scientist and his beautiful physicist daughter (there has to be some sort of love interest for Mr. Langdon right?)have discovered how to create a universe in a lab and the side product is anti-matter. Thus possibly combining science and religion. When that scientist is murdered and a container of anti-matter is stolen the adventure begins.

Oh by the way, at the same time the Pope has died and the college of cardinals must elect a new pope. But the antimatter is somewhere around the Sistine Chapel and the battery powered cannister is losing power. What that means is; when the power that is keeping the anti-matter from touching matter a great explosion will occur destroying most of Vatican City. While all the "top" cardinals are voting. Thus destroying the Catholic church.

And who is doing this? Well Dan Brown introduces to us yet another secret order "the Illuminati." And the adventure begins. 4 Cardinals are to be murdered in 4 different churches through Rome. Robert Langdon must solve puzzles and historical riddles from the likes of Galileo, artist Bernini and the path of enlightenment.

The great thing about Dan Brown's writing is that you can trace the steps on a map. In fact the writing pretty much compels you to look up a map of Rome and trace the path, and use Google find the actual statues with the clues. (btw, on the author's website he has done this for you.) This page turner is a really great read and has the constant twists and turns of a great mystery. I will not give away everything but there is a great twist at the end.

This book was yet another exciting adventure. Check it out. Let's hope for more from this great adventure/mystery writer. Eventually I'll get to "Digital Fortress" and "Deception Point."

How many cults can Dan Brown come up with? As long as there are conspiracy theorists I think Mr. Brown will have more material to write from.

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